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The Community Advocacy Awareness Network (CAAN) is a nonprofit organization (501c3) that connects those with time, love and talent to those in need throughout Aurora and neighboring communities.  Simply, we're an organization that is dedicated to community service and giving-back.  We connect people - local businesses, our friends and neighbors, in creating and supporting opportunities to deliver help when and where it's needed most. 


CAAN thrives on connecting and empowering people through meaningful volunteer opportunities - driving awareness, education and goodwill.  Whether we're physically present at a local event - or engaging with those in-need online, there is always something new to discover with us. 

This world is FULL of challenges. 

Our community needs us. With time, love and, of course, some hard work, we truly believe that together,

we CAAN do it.

welcome to caan!

About Us

Our Story

fighting for what we believe in. together.

Founded by Mary Fultz in 2000, the Community Advocacy Awareness Network began as a simple community outreach effort, looking to build a safe haven in high-risk areas throughout Aurora, Illinois, including Kane, Kendall, Cook, DuPage and Will counties. 


As activity and interest grew, CAAN officially became a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization in 2018. Today, CAAN and its members provide these local communities access to a variety of free recreational activities, special events and programs. 


With great social activities for the entire family, CAAN's outreach has become a local sparkplug of cultural enlightenment, hosting unity gatherings and educational programs each year.


Whether you’re in-need of help - or simply looking to connect with those in our community who need it most , our CAAN has something for everyone. 

General Programs and Services

Programs & Services


Family Activities

Spending quality time with children and family is important. It always includes friendly faces, sometimes - imaginary places and always - lots of fun!


Our family programs are age-appropriate, and the perfect fit for kids of all ages. These are just a few of the activities we are offering throughout the year!

  • Treats for Sweets

  • Business & Entrepreneur Unity Expo

  • Youth & Adult Mentor Workshops,

  • Education is Key Seminar,

  • Holiday Unity Dinner,

  • Food Pop-ups,

  • Coat & Shoe Drives,

  • Moms & Babies Necessities Drive 

  • Kids Day Giveaway/Drives

  • Back-to-School Events


& more.


Senior Citizen

& Veterans Outreach

Veterans and our seniors are important cogs to our community.  Just like our youth programs, this selection of offerings is designed to complement day-to-day activities — providing an opportunity for them to refine or learn a new skill and most importantly, break their common daily routine. 


With programs that provide entertainment, education and fun - CAAN is determined to make a large- scale impact on the lives of both our veterans and our homeless population. 

These are just a few of the activities we are offering throughout the year:

  • Senior Art Classes

  • Food Box Delivery (Homebound)

  • Community-based Job Assistance


& more.


Like they always say - "Age is just a number."  You’re never too young or too old to volunteer at CAAN Outreach events.


We welcome both youth and adults to team-up and help deliver positive energy to our outreach efforts. Our vetted team members have years of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with others.  If you're eager to be a part of a bigger cause and friendly team, we'd love to hear from you. 


Do you have a greater calling? If you or a loved one would like more information on getting involved, connect with us today!

Volunteer and Donor Opportunities

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